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Become foster home

You would like to have a dog, but you are not sure if you can take care of it for a long time?

This can be a good opportunity to have one and take temporally care of a dog in your home.

Some of our dogs are puppies, or mammies who just gave birth and they need more love and care, others need veterinarian treatment and also more attention. We want to give them the opportunity to be part of a loving family even if it's only for a time and they can receive the special treatment they need.

GRAN CANARIA PETS will take care of all the costs of the maintenance of the animal like veterinarian expenses that may cause. The family has to commit to have the animal until it will find a new home or for at least 2 months.

If you think you that you have time and space to devote to any of our dogs contact us and we will inform you in detail what it takes to foster a dog for a limited time.





Si efectuas una compra en zazbuy no olvides marcar la casilla de Gran Canaria Pets como beneficiario.


15% discount on consultations and vaccines to people who adopt animals in Gran Canaria Pets




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