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  • Name:JUANITO
  • Born: 10.07.2015
  • Breed: mestizo, Mix, Mischling
  • Size: midsize
  • Weight: ca. 16,2 kg
  • Sex: male
  • Castrate: no
  • Description: This was one of the most amazing cases that happened to us.The Guardia Civil closed and sealed the house of horror of Juan Grande, from where we got so many dogs in terrible conditions. There you could not go in or enter.After 2 months, we received an anonymous report that there was a dog in the house in the house. We went there and notified the Cuardia Civil. Well, it was true! He was very scared and this dog was locked up where he was hidden under many mattresses, in a totally inaccessible place. We still do not understand how this poor animal could survive on its own without water or food. We could catch it with the help of a trap. And after a few days, this scared and frightened dog was integrated with the other dogs and became a loving and friendly dog.It is a miracle that he survived and that he is such a dear dog now.He is very healthy and is a normal animal that can be adopted.He is around 3 years old and medium sized. (16 Kg.) We called him JUANITO
  • Contact: Gran Canaria Pets




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